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Dog Shelter "BanObOun" in Thailand

In 2015, Sarah Marquis and Matthieu Ricard became sponsors

In 2009  Sarah ended up in Thailand having a functional dinner in Bangkok with few Thai authorities and the executive director from one of her Swiss sponsors. She was seated next to a Swiss woman who lived in Thailand for years. Sarah would learn that Michèle Bise was the owner and manager of a shelter saving street dogs in Thailand, she had up to 200 dogs at that time. This is how their collaboration started. Sarah  became an active supporter and donator of the shelter together with Matthieu Ricard.


Share my love for Australia Help WILDLIFE bushfire

"I've spent so many years in the bush with wildlife. I've been walking more than 28'000 km in the remote Australian outback in various expeditions. I can't stand any more of these devastating pictures coming through.

 Wildlife is hopeless! it's time for us to help ... join me here - the money will be given to 3 different "WILDLIFE  EMERGENCY CENTERS" in the most devastated area of Australia:  VIC - NSW - Kangaroo island. 
I'm in touch with Australia authorities to know who is in the front action. The beneficiary will be disclosed in a few days.

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