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Western Australia, The Kimberley

750 KM

2015 JUN - AUG

Sarah walked alone, with only 10 days of food in her bag, and lived under extreme survival conditions, surrounded by crocodiles...

Sarah always wanted to survive off the land like the aboriginal people have been surviving for more than 60’000 years.

She got dropped by helicopter in the wildest part of Australia, in the Kimberley region, away from humans.

She survived the harsh conditions of the drought, close calls with saltwater crocodiles, bushfires and other dangers of the Australian bush and lost 12 kg of her bodyweight in the first section of it … 

3 months later and 750 km more south she emerged from the Australian wilderness with a wide smile but emaciated… she said at that moment:


« food please, give me food »

This was much more than an expedition, she fought for her life.

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