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From Siberia to Australia


2010 - 2013

From freezing cold to desert heat, from high mountains to jungles, 6 countries to cross, 6 different languages. More than an expedition, it’s constantly going further than you think you can. This extreme walk lasted 3 years. Obstacles of all kinds pushed Sarah beyond her limits…

Sandstorms, hailstorms, and mudslides destroyed her tent more than once. Her camp was regularly visited at night by drunk Mongolian horsemen. In the South of Gobi desert, Sarah had to be evacuated because a tooth infection was making her seriously ill. When she came back extreme temperatures (-35°C) and deadly blizzards made progress impossible. In the end, the third attempt was successfully, and she continued her journey.

China was refreshing. Without map (forbidden) or GPS (forbidden), she walked through the Szechuan mountains with her compass and years of experience as her only companions. Finally she was arrested by the military special forces and had to leave the country.

She was struck down by dengue fever in the middle of the jungle in Laos, then attacked at night by rifle-wielding drug dealers. Although shocked, she had avoided a tragedy.

She travelled from Asia to Australia as a passenger on a cargo ship. She spent tense 13 days at sea alongside the crew to reach the shores of Australia.

Sarah reveled in her return to this red earth that she now knows so well. She happily shared her everyday life in the blazing heat of the wilds with crocodiles, venomous snakes, wild pigs and buffaloes. Her journey to South Australia ended in the middle of the Nullarbor Plaine. “Where land stops and sea begins…” During her incredible Australian journey ten years ago, she slept under the only tree for kilometres, which became “her tree”. She promised she would come back. And so it was that she ended her amazing expedition under this tree on 17th May 2013, 3 years after her departure. “More than an expedition.. it was a constant adaptation to my environment and to all kinds of danger”.

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