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Chile. Bolivia. Peru

7000 KM

2006 - 8 MONTHS

She started from Santiago in Chile to travel 7000 km and end her expedition in Peru, on the top of the majestic Incan city of Machu Picchu.

While walking through the Andes, Sarah suffered from altitude sickness for almost the whole journey. The cold weather (more than 2 months at -25°C), the altitude, and wind down her progress. Her brother Joël, head of expedition, left food and water in hiding places on the route for Sarah to find with her GPS.

Even though it was meticulously organised, Sarah wondered if animals or the weather wouldn’t ruin the food in the months before she reached each cache. But in the end, thanks to her brother’s careful work, only one hiding place had been invaded by mice.

Sarah finished the Machu Picchu ascent at dawn. An emotional moment that didn’t last long, since the adventure didn’t stop there. After a few minutes at the site the authorities expelled her from the site, despite the special authorisation she had received.

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