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2018 JAN - APR



I have always been fascinated by the early explorer expeditions. I would hunt down any good old book on the subject and devour it in a coffee shop nearby. A good Mystery in a wild location and I’m spinning out of control. And this expedition is all about that, let me introduce you to the Quest of the Tasmanian tiger.

The Tasmanian tiger is extinct since 1936, where the last specimen died in the Hobart Zoo. But since then many people have reported serious signs of the Tasmanian tiger…

And therefore I will need to go where nobody has gone for a long long time ... Inside the lost world.


On the far west coast of Tasmania, there is no sign of civilization but a dense primary forest with no access, no exit point. The ancient canopy trees work as umbrellas.


My faith would be to move on the lightless ground, escalating horizontal bushes and all the other vegetations making my progression as efficient as a snail. Some days I would fight against these vegetation walls and make a progress of only 2 km per day. I became trapped inside these walls of vegetation. I progressed alone, on foot with a 35-kg backpack on my shoulder. I fought hard until that rainy day, progressing slowly downwards on the edge of a steep gorge when fatality strikes!

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